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About child protection conferences

A child protection conference is a meeting set up by social services when people who work with you and your family are worried about you.

The people at the meeting talk about what is happening in your life, with your family and what needs to be done to protect you. If you are aged 12 years or older you are invited to the meeting.

Who will go to the conference

Your parents or carers will be asked to be there, and maybe another member of your family. All the adults who work with you and know you will be asked to come, to help the conference make the best decisions.

This will include people you know, like your social worker, your teacher and someone from health - like a school nurse or doctor. There will also be people you may not have met before - maybe someone from the police or a solicitor.

There is a person, called the 'chair', who leads the meeting and another person who takes notes. The Chair can meet with you before the conference to talk you through what happens and so that you can ask any questions you might have.

How to get extra support at the meeting

If you would like some additional support at the meeting or for someone to be at the conference to talk for you, you can ask for an advocate. Find out more about advocacy.

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