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Non MSCP training

Other training providers

Outside of our MSCP training, there are also many alternative training providers. 

These include:

Self harm awareness training - Medway Public Health

Self-harm Essential Knowledge

Medway Public Health have commissioned Self Harm UK to deliver a series of workshops to Medway’s children and young people’s work force. This is a brief awareness session, suitable for anyone working with or in the field of children and young people and would like to gain a better understanding of self-harm.

10 to 13% of young people are known to actively self-harm. However, for many disclosure is made harder by the fear of misunderstanding and the myths and stigma that remain around this issue. As professionals we can often be unsure of how to respond in light of a self-harm disclosure, fearing we will do or say the wrong thing.

Who the course is for

The masterclass is ideal for those who would like to develop an understanding of self-harm as well as the skills to confidently respond and support young people around this issue. 

Learning outcomes:  

  • An overview of the latest research on the extent of self-harm among young people
  • An understanding of why young people self-harm and key steps to reduce harming behaviour 
  • How to respond to self-harm disclosure
  • Alternative coping strategies for individuals who self-harm
  • Recognising physical and emotional indicators
  • The impact of online communities and social media

Delegates will  receive a training pack, delegate notes and a certificate upon completion of the course.


Masterclass Programme – Medway Public Health

In 2019 we launched our Public Health Masterclasses programme inviting a series of local and national experts to run a half day masterclass in subjects that are of local interest.

Book onto the Medway Public Health Masterclass 


Online Safety Training

There is a FREE Online Safety training event be taking place at Parkwood Youth Centre on the 26th September 2:30-5pm.  It is being delivered by Online Safety Live.

The courses can be booked at:


Research in Practice 

Workers who have a Medway Council email account such as ‘’ are eligible to free access to Research in Practice subscription website. The site has research resources, articles, guidance to good practice and short (lunch-break) e-learning modules.

See details about how to register and log into Research in Practice

If you are working in an organisation that has not joined the Research in Practice network, you can now subscribe on an individual basis and gain access to a variety of resources, and event places.

For just £110 per year, they offer (per person):

  • Access to the website
  • 5 digital copies of resources
  • Monthly Research and Policy Updates
  • Regular topical webinars
  • 50% discount on any of our tools and resources
  • 50% discount on event places

Do you need access to robust, practical evidence for your work? Do you wish to be part of a wider network of practitioners and evidence? Then contact them today on to take advantage of this membership.

More about Research in Practice resources