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Domestic Abuse Strategy

Consultation on the Domestic Abuse Strategy

Today the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Executive is launching our consultation on a partnership document which details the vision and strategy for preventing and reducing domestic abuse in Kent and Medway. Through working collectively to meet the aims and objectives within this strategy we will ensure that when people experience abuse, they can access the help and services which they need.

Many different services and providers work to support families and individuals affected by domestic abuse. This strategy will bring the work of partners together, working to the same objectives over Kent and Medway, enabling us to deliver the strongest response and services which we can.

The strategy discusses five key priorities:

  • Driving change together - emphasising the importance of promoting change through joint commitment, leadership and partnership working,
  • Prevention and early intervention - seeking to reduce the incidence of domestic abuse through effective preventative support,
  • Provision of services - having responsive and effective services for groups at risk of, or subject to domestic abuse,
  • Minimising harm - equality of access to all and supporting a person or family through longer term support needs,
  • Justice, recovery and ongoing protection - provision of effective, engaged, supportive, responsive and timely protection and justice.

Domestic abuse is a widespread crime which affects many people. Together we can better help those effected and reduce its impact.  

We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions on the draft strategy. We will use the responses received during the consultation to make changes to the strategy before a final version is published.

The consultation on the draft strategy will run from the 8th July until the 30th September 2019.

Please visit  to view the draft document and respond to the consultation questions online. A draft Equality Impact Assessment can also be viewed there.

If you require any of the information in an alternative format, please email, or telephone us on 03000 415782.