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Safeguarding Practice Reflection Framework

We have a responsibility to ensure that arrangements and services for the safeguarding of children are effective.

As part of this quality assurance responsibility, we need to be reassured that partner agencies have robust arrangements for 'safeguarding practice reflection' in place.

Effective professional supervision can play a critical role in ensuring a clear focus on the welfare of a child. Supervision should support professionals to reflect critically on the impact of their decisions in the child and their family.

The form of these arrangements can vary from agency to agency and will depend on their role in respect of and contribution to the safeguarding of children and the way their practitioners operate. For example designated teachers, social workers, GPs and A&E staff have quite different work patterns and ranges of responsibility.

With our framework, we aim to set out core principles and standards about 'safeguarding practice reflection' that can be adopted by all partner agencies for consistency. This can then be adapted to the particular needs and circumstances of individual organisations. We will then have a sound basis for evaluating the quality and impact of agencies’ arrangements as part of our overall quality assurance framework.

We’ve developed a framework and tool to help support agencies to fulfil their practice reflection responsibilities.

Download our Safeguarding Practice Reflection Framework