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Early Help

Early Help Transformation is organised into four areas each with their own coordinators. 

These coordinators are able to support professionals in a variety of different tasks such as:

  • supporting practitioners who are starting an Early Help Assessment
  • supporting to identify which services could be included in an Early Help Assessment
  • supporting at review meetings
  • linking to external partners who working with the Early Help Team such as the police, NHS health and Department of Work and Pensions.

Early Help Coordinators will work with schools, health professionals and other practitioners in agencies.

This is to support families in Medway, who have identified a child, young person or family with additional needs, to provide advice about options and clarify needs. 

They will be able to help when a family is reluctant to accept support. They will link up early help practitioners across all early help services so they know each other’s work and can work effectively together.

Virtual wards

  • Gillingham and Twydall – 01634 334 325
  • Luton and Rainham – 01634 338 668
  • Strood Peninsula and Rochester West – 01634 336 262
  • Chatham, Walderslade and Rochester East – 01634 334 109

Early Help Assessment

As a professional, you could be asked to complete an Early Help Assessment or attend an Early Help Review.

If you are chosen to be an Early Help Lead (EHL) you will work closely with families to ensure that:

  • the family’s needs are identified
  • a plan is put in place to reach the family’s goals and outcomes
  • the family get the support they need

Find out more about Early Help in Medway, email or call 01634 338 746.

Download our Early Help Bulletin

Early Help training

We offer three Early Help training courses which may be of interest to those working with children and families in Medway.

Find out more about Early Help Training