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Child protection conferences

Strenthening Families Framework (SFF)

Medway Council and Medway Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (MSCP) use the Strengthening Families Framework (SFF) to enhance the aims of the conference or meeting. This also helps protect children that are at risk of harm.

The approach helps families get involved more easily and allows everyone assess risk more effectively at Child Protection Conferences.

Download guidance on the Strengthening Families Framework:

Help completing a Conference Report

You can use our Child Protection Conference Report template to get help and contribute effectively to child protection conferences.

Core Group guidance

Core Group meetings are an essential part of the multi-agency child protection planning process. They are also requirements of Working Together 2015.

This guidance will support effective multi-agency participation in Core Groups.

Read our Core Group guidance

Family Group Conferencing

Read our Family Group Conference process.