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Staying safe online

There are many great resources available online, but it is also important to make sure you’re staying safe when using the internet.

To stay safe you should:

  • keep your profile private and don’t post photos that can identify you for example pictures of you outside your house or wearing clothes with your school badge on
  • think before you post – don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents, teachers or friends seeing
  • never share or reveal your passwords
  • never chat to someone you don’t know or share any personal information such as your address or phone number

Get advice about staying safe online from Childline’s website.


You can also get advice about sexting and where to draw the line from the Childine website. Or use the ZIPIT App to take control of your chat game to keep the situation under control.

Social networks

There are laws online, and you need to be responsible in your online actions, and treat others as you want them to treat you.

Always report inappropriate contact using their ‘Report Abuse’ links, and if anything worries you, talk to a trusted adult.

Get advice about reporting inappropriate online activity