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About child protection conferences

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting that is held because one or more professional workers have serious concerns about the care and protection of your child.

They will want to discuss these concerns with other workers to see if any action needs to be taken or to make sure that your child is well looked after in the future.

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About child protection plans

A child protection plan is drawn up at the Child Protection Conference.

The plan is a written record for parents or carers and professionals which sets out:

  • who the key worker is – usually the social worker
  • what work needs to be done to reduce the concern
  • what needs your child has and how we can help to meet them
  • what needs you as a parent have and in what ways we can help
  • what the concerns for your child are and why the work needs to happen
  • timescales for when the work should happen
  • the specific responsibilities of who should do the work

What a Core Group is

A Core Group is made up of all of the professionals who need to work with you.

It is likely to include the parents, carers, a social worker, a teacher from school or a nursery nurse, a health visitor or school nurse and any other professional who is in regular contact with your family.

The child whose plan it is may also be included depending on their age and level of understanding.

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